Keep your client's tires in storage.

Do you need room in your garage? Are you willing to switch tires for winter and summer?

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Why trusting us?

Online inventory

Manage all your set of tires in a few clicks via your user account.


Your storage needs grow? At YouStock, you can store limitless.


All your tires are tagged and classified safely.

Pick up at your garage

You don’t need to move. We pick up and deliver your tires directly to you
Store your tires for €12/month
2 tires, 1 pickup, 1 delivery, and €100 per tire covered

Our storage tire rates

Our rates are flexible and adapt to your needs. We offer you a 6 months storage plan until the next season.

Storage conditions

At YouStock, we do our best to store your tires in optimal conditions to keep them in the same condition. We store tires in a dark, dry, and cool environment required by insurances. Our warehouses are secured and under surveillance 24/7.